Suspiciousness:The killing relation breaker

Too often relationships break down due to many reasons, but the fatal reason among them is suspiciousness about partner. It is much worse to have a suspicious mind. Nothing can kill a happy relationship faster than suspiciousness. Being around a suspicious person is difficult to deal with. While everyone gets suspicious from time-to-time, experiencing suspiciousness on a daily basis can be problematic and ends with break down of relationships.

Self analyze yourself with the following questions, to find out whether you have suspicious mind or not.

1. Do you checking his or her activities too often?

2. Do you always call your husband or wife   by the hour to check on him or her?

3. Do you go through the call history and messages of your husband or wife?

4. Do you refuse your wife or husband to work in such environment, where there is more mingling of both sexes?

5. Do you easily get doubt, when he or she doesn’t return your calls?

6. Do you get paranoid, when he or she went out without telling you where he or she went?

7. Do you often ask whom he/she is with at work?

8. Do you feel insecure even when he or she speaks of someone who both of you do not know personally or when he looks at someone who happens to pass by?

If you agreed to all these, then conclude, possibly you are suspicious about your partner’s action. Don’t be panic; the important thing is, suspiciousness can be overcome. Here are the few tips to overcome your suspicious thought about your partner.

  1. Talk to your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, about the issue. It helps to focus on your feelings and not necessarily your partner’s behavior.
  2. See the situation as what it truly is and not what could be. Sometimes, your mind is just over analyzing things.
  3. Try to think differently about events that make you suspicious.
  4. Stop jumping to conclusions on a small fraction of evidence.
  5. While you are involved in a relationship, enjoy and value it.
  6. If you find yourself constantly reminded of your past experiences of being cheated, confront your fears and communicate with your partner about it. Let go of the painful past because it may ruin your present relationship.
  7. Avoid being alone. Because isolation itself brings you the negative thoughts in your mind.
  8. Actively engage in some activity and communicate with someone, it relieves its negativity and makes feel happier
  9. Try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. If you were a trustworthy person and being honest in the relationship how would it make you feel if your partner constantly accused you of lying, questioned you all the time about where you were or who with, accused you of cheating etc. when you were doing none of these things.
  10. Tell yourself that your partner has chosen you to be with, your partner loves you.
  11. Make quality time for each other .Do some activity together, takes away meal and relax together.
  12. Stop assuming the worst about your partner. Instead, assume the best of his or her faithfulness unless you have the real reason to believe.
  13. Get rid of the environment which induces and influences your suspiciousness.
  14. Trust yourself so you can trust others.
  15. Avoid asking unreasonable questions to your partner.

These are things you can do, which will help to keep your relationship healthy and loving and which could avoid the suspicious thoughts and distress of a relationship breakdown. Eventually you must implement these steps seriously in to actions to stop killer suspiciousness.

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