Challenges of Modern Family

Family plays an important role in transmission of the cultural traditions from one generation to another. It acts as an educative unit and a socio-cultural agency. The importance of this aspect lies in the fact that children all over the world get their earliest instruction in the family beginning with language.

The roles of the family have undergone significant changes because of modernization and industrialization.These role changes forced our families to focus with different challenges and responsibilities.Inability of the families to withstand these challenges ends in fatal results.Family suicide is one of the horrible example. Reports suggests that the incidence of family suicide is climbing year by year. These fatal ends occur because of nothing other than running away from the proposed challenges. A challenge does not mean that we can run away from our given responsibilities.

As one of scholars sayings narrates “Let us look at the challenges facing our families with realism, let us see how we can face them with resilience and how we can take our responsibilities as parents or as children seriously. Let us see how we can each promote and practice fundamental values like love, respect, unity, solidarity and perseverance, especially in the face of adversity.

“The promotion and practice of such values within our families will not only help us overcome the modern-day challenges but will also show our children and grandchildren that there is strength and hope in a united family”.

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