Laila Cyclone

“Cyclone Laila near’s Indian coast”, “Cyclone Laila approaches Andhra”,” Cyclone Laila may hit Tamil Nadu and Andhra coasts”, “35 go missing as cyclone Laila nears Andhra and Tamil Nadu”. These are the news headlines of all popular dailies and TV channels for the past two days.

It is very sad to say that Laila cyclone disrupted the normal life of thousands and caused wide spread damage to human lives and properties. Beyond the wide spread huge damage caused by the cyclone, it is interesting to say that it attracted the mind of several millions by its feminine name “Laila”.

From where Laila name came from? What is the meaning of Laila? Why this cyclone is named as Laila? Suddenly it became a big question to all, which every one is searching. The eagerness and immense interest urged to search the details. At the end of prolonged search partly I got satisfied with the following details.

The practice of naming cyclones began because names are far easier to remember than numbers and technical terms. In the 1970s, the WMO in Geneva asked some countries around the Pacific Ocean to prepare a list of names and keep it ready. However, in the north Indian Ocean countries the naming of cyclones began in September 2004 following a meeting of the WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones in 2000.

Eight north Indian Ocean countries – Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand – have prepared a list of 64 names. So according to the cycle the name of the cyclone Laila currently raging in the Bay of Bengal was given by Pakistan.

The name Laila means dark-haired beauty or night. Its orgin is Persian. The other article mentions the name Laila comes from the Hebrew word which means, “Nightfall.” It also stems from the Arabic word which means, “Born at night.” It also relates to one of the prominent peak of Pakistan. Laila Peak is a major prominence at the southwestern terminus of the Rupal Valley of Pakistan

The eight north Indian Ocean countries take turns in naming the cyclones. The last eight were: Nargis (Pakistan), Rashmi (Sri Lanka), Khai-Muk (Thailand), Nisha (Bangladesh), Bijli (India), Aila (Maldives), Phyan (Myanmar) and Ward (Oman). The names are taken from lists drafted in advance by committees of the World Meteorological Organization. After a cyclone has passed its name is retired and new names suggested.

We might not know when next cyclone will hit the northern Indian ocean, but we can be sure how it will be called. The next cyclonic storm would be named “Bandu” drawn from the suggestions of Sri Lanka. Get ready to face “Bandu” cyclone.

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