Enduring Journey

There is nothing wrong in calling our life as enduring journey. In one or another way each individual is engaged in similar journey for his or her existence.Fact or destiny is the vehicle which decides our path and destination.Either one can mention it as an adventurous journey or disastrous journey, it is up to the particular individual to decide.

It is not simple as our ordinary journeys.It is the journey in which persistently our shoulder is full of baggages(responsibilities) to carry. Every single moments, we were enforced to overcome surpassing strangers with or with out the fear of fatal dangers.

Fortunately or unfortunately each and everyone will be in the situation of pleasing and teasing events with the end of ordinary moments. We were blessed to have abundance of cherishing relations to accompany our journey. Unfortunately there is no guarantee to accompany for life long existence, because they are in their own way of their journey.

To check interest and involvement in journey, thundering set backs will come with the favour of chances to delayed come back. Daring encounters are very common for our deliberate existence. These encounters are purely aimed at some one to surrender. This journey stands higher than other journey because of mounting  formal and informal wealth even we are in the way of journey. Worst thing behind this is promptness of our generations to engulf it.In short this is all about our life journey, unfortunately it is nothing other than nonsense and intruded robberies.

Enduring Journey Poem

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